New Year – New Love

If you have been dreaming of being in Love, this may be the best time of the year to manifest it – after all, the beginning of the year is often associated with a New Beginning – it is full of excitement, hopes, and inspiration.  And if you are already in a relationship, thinking that this post is not for you and you are doomed, please wait – not so fast – you too can turn things around and inspire more passion and romance in your existing relationship.

The question is – HOW?

It is easier than you may think – the nature of this vibrational energy Universe is such that we attract into our lives the very things (including people and circumstances) that reflect our own state of being.  That’s right – your state of being become your point of Attraction.

What does this mean to you personally?

It’s simple – if you are constantly living in the space of anger, you keep attracting angry people to match your own state.  If you find yourself often in the space of fear, you will keep attracting people and circumstances to confirm your fears – thefts will steal from you, partners will cheat or leave you and the list goes on.  Likewise, if we live in the space of gratitude and love – we keep attracting people and events from that place – the people that come to us are the kind of people that inspire even more appreciation and leave us wondering “how could I be so lucky”?

When Massimo and I met, it was magical.  I had just done some deep spiritual work, and after cleansing old patterns of beliefs and behavior, I was living in the space of gratitude and love.  I was also in between relationships, and my lifestyle coach suggested that I write a list that describes the type of a man that will make me happy and fulfilled.  I took the task to heart and worked on it diligently – my list was longer than the Nile, with over 50 entries and 3 pages of… qualities.  All the qualities that I thought I want in a man – smart, funny, passionate, romantic, authentic, adventurous, successful… I had it all covered.  When I looked at my list with pride, it seemed impossible for such a person to even exist. But I was optimistic.  Excited, I shared my list with a friend and he just laughed – “Men don’t come like this.  You can’t expect a single man to embody all of these qualities.  Maybe, you need a few, as a matter of fact – quite a few, in order to fulfill your dream-man”.  Shortly Massimo showed up in my life, and he was everything I asked for in a man, and more.  However, for a man with all these qualities to show up in my space, I had to do a little more than just write a list.

The REAL question here is – who do you have to be in order for “the man of your dreams” to be a match, e.g. to be attracted to you or even notice you.  We are not suggesting that you need to turn yourself into something or someone that you are not.  On the contrary – the qualities a man needs in you are already there  But due to our cultural beliefs, you might be used to playing down your soft side.  Well in order for a masculine man to pay attention to you, your very feminine core has to evoke his curiosity and pull him in like a magnet.  This is the irony for women today – we keep looking for Mr. Right, and we blame the men for not being good enough, yet the reality is, good men do exist out there.  However, for them to even see you (literally) -YOU need to exist in “their Universe”, energetically.

To make this easy, let’s distinguish how attraction really works – attraction, as the word implies, is a magnetic force that brings two opposites together. Therefore, if you are looking to attract a high caliber man, someone with extremely masculine qualities, the one who has a strong sense of direction and purpose, integrity and a set of principles that rule his life, the type of man that will never let you down, or run away from commitments, you will need to evoke the very feminine side of yourself, which is the exact opposite of his masculinity – nurturing, playful, loving and soft.  The type of woman that a masculine man needs in his life – to inspire him, is… feminine.

In a relationship already?  Good news – this same principle applies to your existing relationship – you can turn things around in a split second, you can evoke masculine qualities in your man by simply shifting into a more feminine woman.  Men read our energy and adjust accordingly.  Attraction is a law of nature, it is not a choice – and men have no other option but to step into being a more powerful male in the presence of a more feminine woman.

Makes sense? Of course, it does. You are smart, and this is why I am talking to you… You get this. Now let’s go and practice. Have some fun with these insights and share your successes with us – this is how we learn and grow as women. For more relationship tips and to end your frustrations with men, join the Instaglam Club, where women like you and me, Sassy, Savvy and Successful hang out and support each other… together we make this world a better place for all.

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