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Our Story

Our life philosophy is centred around the principle of achieving "excellence thru simplicity".  When you declutter your life, from everything that keeps you "busy", what really matters begins to surface.  Then you have a choice - dive into it, or keep "busy-ness as usual".  We took the plunge, and opted out of the busy-ness for the sake of health, happiness and joy.

Leaving lucrative corporate careers and having successfully run our own businesses in the past, we chose to exit the city lifestyle and focus instead on the enjoyment of simplicity and the contribution of sharing.  We invite others who are ready to start living their best life, join the movement of "Live More - Stress Less" and dive into their own version of La Bella Vita lifestyle.

Through the power of the social media and the internet, we share our knowledge and experience, in living La Bella Vita, without the price tag.

After choosing "Life" over "Stress" we relocated from the hustle of North America to our favourite part of the world, the Trabocchi Coast of Italy, where we live a lifestyle dream!

And so can you!  Start NOW!

  • Request Coaching

    We work with a select few exciting individuals, who face roadblocks in transforming their lifestyle, which are beyond their ability to overcome.  If this is you, please contact us.  We do our best to accommodate your needs, but due to our limited capacity not all requests are accepted.

  • Take Your Friends to Italy

    If you are looking to organize a get-away for a group of 10-15 people, you can chose from one of our signature trips, or let us design a personalized one for you.  Contact us for details.

  • Offer Your Products or Services

    Occasionally we work with environmentally conscious Suppliers, who’s products and services we feature in our posts.  Contact us for an inquiry.

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This club is amazing, full of resources and wisdom.  I have met partners and affiliates to grow my platform here.

Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson Busy Bee Company Inc.

Since I became a VIP Member my business exploded by 1000%. I love this community of smart supportive women.

Laura Overton
Laura Overton Happiness Company Inc.