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What Our Amazing Instaglam Club Members Say

My relationship with men has transformed, after joining this community - I feel special and powerful as a woman.

Jessilyn Canada

I met my adorable man, just days after joining the Instaglam Club... these teachings and insights have been so transformative.

Sam Germany

The INSTAGLAM CLUB Helps Women Like YOU To Create A LIFE They LOVE

Through Your Female Power YOU Create The World Around You

Dalila Founder, The Instaglam Club

You Can Not Get There... From Here

I wake up every morning to kisses that make me smile! Talk about a mood booster, first thing in the morning.

But this was not my predictable future. I used to shy away from the Alpha men, in fear of being dominated. While the truth is, I did not understand men at all, better yet, I did not understand my own power as a woman, and was afraid that men will not respect and value me if I was to simply be myself.

  • Rewind... 10 years back, I caught my man cheating and kicked him out. While he was claiming to be madly in love with me, I failed to see that he was lacking the masculine qualities of a man that is trustworthy and reliable. Nice guys are just that… nice, and often lacking the integrity that makes the man a MAN, hence the Alpha man!

  • I found myself alone again and I really struggled. I could not trust men.

  • However, I knew that blaming men felt very disempowering and will do me no good.

  • I needed to do something different and collect my POWER, but how? I did not even know where my power was, as a woman?

  • I knew that I felt attracted to the powerful Alpha men, yet I was attracting the exact opposite in my circles - men who lie, can not keep their word, and always disappoint me

  • Then I stumbled upon some interesting training - "understanding men”. I felt empowered. My mind kept racing in a happy mode thinking “Now I have the tools to attract a high-caliber man”

  • But it was short-lived… Manipulating men into doing what I want was a very tiring and exhausting game

  • I was starting to lose hope. “Maybe I am better off on my own. Romance is a fairytale and relationships are not meant to last” became my mantra

  • It took a long time, but something lead me to believe in a better future and I did not give up… and then I found it… my Female Power! It was not where I expected it to be 🙁

  • Everything changed, in an instant. I knew who I was, and what was possible for me, and not just with men! But wait a minute - is it possible I had it hidden inside of me, all this time, without even knowing?

  • The obstacles to knowing my own Female Power were cleverly hidden inside of me - limiting societal beliefs, past hurts, trauma, etc. These were the obstacles, blocking me from knowing how powerful it is to be a woman.

  • Everything I wanted to be, I already was! I was born with Female Power. The only thing I need to do is: learn how to understand men and tap into my true essence, as a Woman.

  • Actually NO, scratch the first one… I did not need to understand men. All I needed was to remove the obstacles that prevented me from knowing who I truly was. When I stepped back into being a woman, men naturally adjusted themselves and started to treat me special

  • Once we remove the obstacles, expressed in our wounded self, we can have anything we want, including attracting the men that we desire, the business opportunities, and even health and beauty… is all available to us, as WOMEN.! Our confidence, self-worth, and power, are all hidden behind the illusion that we are not enough!

  • The only way is through - remove the blockages that are preventing you from seeing your true power, as a Woman!

  • Being a Woman is Your TRUE POWER!